How do i start producing EDM ?

So you feel the need to make  a beat….?Here is a comprehensive list of great resources, manually picked from the web for total noobs researching on  what they need to start producing EDM.

1. Download a cheap/free or if don’t mind expensive DAW (digital audio workstation).

A  DAW selection is very important at you first steps,by that i do not mean you should buy the most expensive as your DAW doesn’t limit your creativity. There are in and outs in every DAW if you are in a  budget then reaper has a fully functional demo.

Every DAW has its pros and cons but in the end  everything can be done in any of them.More edm oriented are FL studio,bitwig,reaper and Ableton IMO but this isn’t a rule.

2. Learn how a synthesizer works.

A basic Synth has the following components.I am going to use vcvrack virtual modular synthesizer.Its free opensource with great potential.Modular synthesizers can be confusing but its a great way to understand whats the components of a synthesizer.

VCO  (voltage control oscilator)

VCA (voltage control amplifier)

LFO (low frequency oscilator)

ADSR Envelopes (attack decay sustain release)

VCF  (Voltage Control Filter)


This is an oversimplified presentation ,but  enough for taking our first steps to synthesized sounds.

Follow the first tutorial on synthesizer here  . << link



3. Learn how basic filters work delay,reverb,flanger,phaser.
4. Learn how to apply filter and eq.
5. Learn basic music theory

Enjoy order in chaos…..